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SOO excited to join the board!! A little about me...My name is Misty and I am mommy to 3 awesome kids, Michael David-6, Shane Alexander-4, and Acacia Layne-2. I also have a DSS, Kayden who is also 5. He and my son are only 6 days apart so that is kind of neat as they are best friends! My DF is Ulysses (no one can say his name correctly for some odd reason) lol I had the Mirena put in June 2011 and had it removed September 2013 because it became embedded in my uterus and we were wanting to have a baby. Smile I am so excited and happy that it only took us two cycles to get pregnant. Smile As of right now our EDD is July 27, 2014. I will know more when I go to the dr on Wednesday. Here is a picture of our tests taken November 17 @ 14 DPO Smile

Also, another bit of interesting info...July is a pretty good month. My birthday is July 17th and my mom's is July 15th Smile As long as I go longer than all of my previous pregnancies, maybe it will be close to our birthdays!! I look forward to getting to know everyone and sharing the journey Smile

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Lovely lines !!!! Congrats and welcome !!!

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Thank you! I was shocked when I took the test, as they came up instantly!!

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Congrats and welcome!!

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Congratulations! Those are some dark lines!

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Thank you! And yes, they sure are! Especially the bottom one because I could barely pee and it was the first one I took. I was worried it woudnt be accurate because like I said I couldnt hardly get any pee on the tip but then I went to do my normal routine and try to set it down without looking LOL since I tend to obsess and then BAM right away dark lines...DF was joking twins run in his family and they do in mine as well but oh lord idk if I would be ready for that yet! haha going from 4 to 6 would be scary at first!

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yay!!! Congratulations!

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Congratz! I'm due July 12 and my bday is July 8th!

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