As my daughter says..."Look Look!"

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As my daughter says..."Look Look!"

Yesterday, after two days of gagging when I brushed my teeth I gave in, tested a day early, and look!

 photo cf14f4d8-2af0-497e-a605-6044cea4524c_zps91bd5453.jpg

EDD around July 10th I believe.

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You have my congrats already so a big old HH9M and hope to be gagging along with you soon

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Congratulations. They are some beautiful lines you have there

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Yay Becky!!! Smile

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*Lurker* Congrats! That's a blazing positive. HH9M!

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Congrats! No denying that BFP! I hope to join you in a few weeks Smile

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YAY! Congrats!!!!

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Wahoo!! I am so happy for you!

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Super exciting news!!! Yay

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Thanks Ladies!

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Congratulations over here too! Are you sure you tested early? That is one dark line!!

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Awww congrats Becky!!


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Congratulations again Becky!!! I'm looking forward to sharing a BB with you again!

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Thanks Ladies! I had visitors this last week so I haven't been online much but I hope to catch up on all the posts soon and can't wait to get to know everyone since it looks like July is a lucky month! Good luck to the ladies still in the TWW!