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So, DH and I have decided to keep the name a secret until he/she is here. At our last u/s at 13 weeks doctor was guessing a girl but we go on the 17th to confirm.

We already have 2 boys, Alexander Shaun and Maxwell Robert. We went with family names for the middle name and I'd like to do the same with this one but we aren't agreeing on a middle name.

I'll go ahead and share with you ladies since I don't really know you in person but we both LOVE the name Cora for a girl. I'm looking at boy names too just in case but I seriously cannot find more than 2 names that I'm remotely okay with.

Anyone else having any better luck?

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Aww. Cora is super sweet. Our best friends have a Cora rose. She's a cutie ! Boys name we have Joseph for a first name. Possibly Joseph Vincent. We stick to family names and Joseph is my dad and grandpas middle name. Vincent
Is my DHs middle name. Not 100% sold but that's all we have for a boy.
For a girl we decided on Elizabeth. Middle name is dependent on babies bday. If it's a girl born on July 19 middle will be after my grandma -Adele. If a girl any another day will be Arlene after my mom. Not a fan but it's a middle name so that's ok. We will be giving my mom the last grand kid and she really would love to have a baby named after her. Also- Elizabeth is my middle name and my sister in laws middle name (SIL and I share the same first, middle and last name ) lmao !!!