SO confused...4days late and now af?

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SO confused...4days late and now af?

Cycle 10 and I guess august?
4days late, tested BFN and af just showed up!?!
WTF (sorry)
Maybe this isn't an AF?
So upsetting
I think I need to head to doctors soon

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I'm so sorry. That is just cruel Sad

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Katie that's weird for sure. Hoping for no AF Smile

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Sad I'm sorry. maybe a doctor visit is in store for you.

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So sorry Katie. Do you temp at all? It sounds to me like you probably O'd late so then AF showed up 4 days later than you expected. I've always had irregular cycles and temping made an incredible difference for me. Getting AF is disappointing enough, it helps a lot to know when to expect her so you don't get excited for nothing. Also, if you aren't temping I would expect it to be one of the first things a doctor would suggest anyway.

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I am sorry Katie very frustrating. Do u use opks ?

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I am so so sorry Katie. :bighug:

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Yes i temp and take opk
I have a doctor visit next week
Let's see how it goes

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