Tilted Uterus

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Tilted Uterus

Did anyone have a tilted uterus with a past pregnancy or your current one? When were you able to hear the heartbeat with a doppler?

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I have a tilted/tipped uterus. It's not something that comes and goes with pregnancy, it's the shape of your uterus in general. I have always had a tilted uterus. So exams are slightly more uncomfortable than they would be if it were normal shaped. I heard the heartbeat at 10 weeks with a doppler at home with my last pregnancy. With my first pregnancy I didn't have a doppler and my OB didn't even try until I was 14 weeks because she didn't want me to worry if we didn't find it.

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I have a tilted. I think I was past 10wks before I ever had an appt. to even get a chance to listen w/ either.