Weight gain ??

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Weight gain ??

Just checking if u feel like sharing. I am up 1lb so fara. I am definitely trying to make smarter food decisions this pregnancy than I did with Ds. It does help feeling like crud when I over eat. So I am finally to a good place in knowing how much to eat without feeling sick. But as I packed my lunch for work tomorrow DH says I am packing like 10 lbs of food. Lol. It's not but it's more than I ate before but I guess baby wants it. Ps - I gained 35 last time and are fast food way too often.
So where's everyone at if u feel like sharing??

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My scale at home says I gained 6lbs eeeeek it hasn't even been 4weeks since my apt. I went out and bought a bunch of fruit and salad stuff I don't want to gain a ton of weight but I'm starving all the time :/ I go monday and I'm a bit afraid of the scale. I gained 19bs with ds1 & 45lbs with ds2

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Well, I don't think I'm the norm when it comes to pregnancy and weight gain. First, let me say that I'm a plus size gal to begin with (size 16-18). With my previous pregnancies I've lost between 15-20 lbs in the first 4 months and then I end up gaining all or some of that weight so I end up weighing about the same at delivery as I did when I get PG.

So far with this one, I'm following the same trend. I think I've leveled off on weight loss but I haven't gained anything. My doctor (and myself) are totally okay with this and I will be perfectly fine if I end up not gaining any weight-which is my hope. I'm not trying to lose weight or anything but I'm certainly not trying to gain any either!

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I thought I had started to gain but the scale dropped back down. I'm a bit pudgier than I need to be and since getting pregnant I've been eating a lot healthier and walking so I've actually lost 10lbs now (no morning sickness/vomiting). I think it's going to level off right around where I'm at for a while and then start slowly gaining. We'll see... As long as I keep eating right, drinking water and walking then I'm confident my body will do whatever it needs to do for this pregnancy.

I went from 101-185 with dd1, I did NOT eat healthy, or exercise, or anything... lol
I went from 120-145 or 155, I can't remember, but it was round there, with dd1.
I started this pregnancy at 158 and I'm 148 right now.

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I've gained just over 2kg. I normally lose in the first trimester so gaining is new to me. I'm at a healthy weight and eat pretty well so I'm not too concerned.

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I'm about 16 weeks and am up 2.9 lbs as of my appt. a few days ago.

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I was so sick at the beginning of the pregnancy that I dropped 20+ lbs. I am just now starting to slowly gain the weight back. When I found out I was pregnant I weighed about 230. I got down to 200 even and now I weigh about 207. I usually don't gain too much weight but this pregnancy seems to be so different than the others so we will see!