Your pregnant again...

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Your pregnant again...

If one more person says your pregnant AGAIN I may just lose it. How about aww congrats on baby 3 or I'm happy for you I have been getting so many rude comments from family its really upsetting

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Congrats on your new baby!

(I know it doesn't really count coming from a stranger online, but I really do mean it!)

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Oh my goodness. Why do people feel the need
To be rude ? Sorry your getting this comments.

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I'm sorry you're getting that! I'm a little afraid of that one too but we haven't told many people yet. I think our culture seems to think 2 is enough. So it's up to us with more than 1 or 2 to change that Wink

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I think three is a lovely number of children Wink

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I'm in the same boat as you. I was really surprised actually. Oh well. A child is a blessing and a gift from God! Be happy and rejoice I say!

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I'm actually surprised I haven't gotten more comments like that, but then again my immediate family is huge (I'm 1 of 4) my brothers have 2,3 or 4 kids each. It's really nobody's business anyway!

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Congrats on baby number 3!

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*lurker* We are *trying* to wait to tell friends because of that exact reason! This is baby #4 (all 4 have been planned, we are both gainfully employed, etc) and I really do not want to hear that crap! We were trying & I am super excited. I don't need anyone bringing me down. I say Congrats to you on baby#3! Biggrin

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I haven't been getting anything overtly rude, but definitely not much in the way of excited reactions and a few have been "congratulations, It is congratulations?'