1st appointment (no bad news, loss ment.)

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1st appointment (no bad news, loss ment.)

I have now had three BFPs: 2 at home, one at my appt this afternoon. This is my 8th pregnancy. 3 others were 1st tri m/c, and my last pregnancy (July) was a viable ectopic, so I was in a bit of a hurry for an u/s.

Good news: They found the gestational sack, and it is in the right place.

OK news: It looks like my dates might be a week off. Based on LMP, my EDD should be 7/3/15, but the u/s measurements say 7/10/15. I'm not too worried, because ds one didn't even show up on what was supposed to be a 6-wk u/s and then measured 6wks when my dates said he should have been 8wks. He's about to turn 6 now. In the current case, they did a look at my blood flow on the u/s (nifty use for doppler btw), and they found lots of blood flow to and around the sack. The tech and I both thought we caught glimpses of a yolk sack, too, but she couldn't get a good view.

Of course, my next appt could show no growth, and I'm prepared for that--as much as I can be.

I'll have a follow-up a week from Tues.