1 year update and pictures

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1 year update and pictures

OK soo... I am still thoroughly exhausted from the last few days with birthday things... lol... but heres the update and importantly, pictures! haha!
Tommys birthday was mellow, we took him to a farm for the petting zoo. We stayed about 40 mins. He liked it and we will go back often i am sure.
We had tommys appointment thursday- I didnt want him to get shots on his actual Bday. He weighed in at 18lbs 3 oz and was 28 inches. So he is 3% for weight and 5% for height, so he is small but we knew that. His pedi is again not concerned. We did discuss the throwing up situation we have been seeing in the past 6 weeks. He just suggested feeding him earlier and skipping his morning bottle and do breakfast. So we are going that route. He also said its fine to keep rocking him to sleep since it takes 10mins or less- most of the time. Also purees, he said just to keep offering him table food and he will eventually want more adult food. Tommy got 3 shots and his finger pricked for anemia. Which he had a major melt down about it but all in all he was good.
Friday, we gave tommy his 1st haircut! DH did it. And it turned out cute. He doesnt look like a little baby as much. It looks much better, his hair was getting unruly.
Saturday we had his party! 2 days of cleaning and cooking and my house was thoroughly thrashed. We had about 20-25 people. Tommy was very shy for a good hour or two. He finally came around towards the end. He didnt smash his cupcake, which i predicted. He got lots of goodies and passed out ! I uploaded everything from all the last few days to FB. I took lots of pics so see link below. I didnt do a great job at pics at the party but it works. All in all in was a great last few days and very hard to believe Tommy is 1! Oh and I didnt cry at all! I was proud of myself! haha! Ok enough rambling!


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Pics are great! DD did the same thing when we gave her a piece if cake for her first birthday - totally uninterested. I have higher hopes for Colin though!

Love the construction decor - I'm inspired to do something similar as Colin is getting a dump truck cake.

Looks like the party was a success. Now take some time and relax!

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Sounds great! I'm glad Tommy had such an awesome birthday!

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Cute pics!! BTW........... I LOVE your Bayside shirt!!! Smile