Back earning some dollars!!!!

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Back earning some dollars!!!!

Well Ladies today was my first day of being an income earning mum again!!!...

The little girl Im looking after started today!!!....Im am considered self employed, contracted out by an in home educare company called PORSE.....

So my first day was GREAT...but both my boys are unwell, both have snot coming out of every hole possible!!!....Had SO laid up in bed too...So it was a very long day!!!...Not to mention I wasnt feeling 100%...But I got there...

The little girl is absolutely gorgeous, she was an angel for me...Slept like a dream, was asleep both naps within 2 mins of being in bed...And laughed all day, not once sis she get grizzly!!!...
I know its not going to be like that EVERY day...but it was a nice way to start off Smile

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Congrats!!!!!! Well done!!!! Hope you all feel better too!

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That's great! So glad you've found some extra $$ Smile

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Yay Nat! thats awesome! Hope u and the new little one dont catch the snotty bug !!

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Glad you finally have a kiddo to care for! I know how you feel about being able to bring in some bucks! Congrats and good luck!