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Hello ladies!

So, we are sorta at a loss over here... We have been putting Logan to bed at night in one of those sleep-sacks with long-sleeved footed PJs underneath, but lately, he MOVES SO MUCH that he gets all tangled up in it. The other morning I walked in on him (cause he woke an hour earlier than normal and was crying) to find him almost like a mummy in there! I had to unwrap the sack from around his legs 3x before he was free! We like the sacks cause they cant get into his face, but I think that they are keeping/waking him up more lately. He has also been really trying to crawl in bed lately, and those are not too condusive to that.

So, the question is... what can we use instead? We are sorta leery of a blanket in there, since he moves so much at night... but dont like the sacks cause he gets tangled. It gets sorta cold in his room at night, so putting him down in one of those footed-PJs doesnt really seem like enough to keep him warm....

Thoughts?! Thanks so much!

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I know its a no-no, but Clara has been sleeping with a blanket for a while now - somewhere around 5-6 months she started hating the sleep sacks and swaddles. However, the blanket she sleeps with is handmade with a loose weave. When I first started using it, I balled it up and put it over my face to see if I could breathe through it, and I could no problem. That said, I've never found her with it over her face - if anything, she kicks it off in the night. I do understand the worry though - I was super paranoid about it at first.
If your not comfortable with a blanket, could you get some super warm fleece PJs? Or maybe put a pair of babylegs and a long sleeve onesie under the PJs?

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Ok, nobody shoot me or call the mommy police, but Sully sleeps with 2-3 blankets. He likes to cuddle them and he still sleeps in his pnp in our room, so I'm not too worried about him. I've never found them over his head or tangled either. He just likes to hug them Biggrin

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Add me to the bad mother list. Colin sleeps with a blanket. DD did for a long time too.

But, if he moves a lot I doubt a blanket will work for you. Have you considered a footed sleep sack? I've seen them on baby steals...

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Thank you all so much! That footed sleep-sack is cool, I am gonna have to check that out! I have been sorta thinking about introducing a blanket for him at night, and am not really against them at all, its just that he moves SO MUCH.. I mean, literally, he is up and down the length of his crib, forwards and backwards ALL NIGHT! Would the blanket get in the way, you think?

We have one of those homemade afgan type blankets with all the holes in it and I was thinking about giving him that at night... but then, his face has been a mess lately too, cause he rubs it ALL THE TIME, so I dont know if the wool will irritate it more... sigh....

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Ive noticed since being on preg org, that obviously we do things differently over here than you ladies do in some areas...

All of my babies have had blankets from the beginning...whe they were little babies they were pinned down so tightly and swaddled that they couldnt move...
Then when they moved into the cot, it changed a bit...they moved a bit more...
Charlie has a sheet, a duvet (dont know what you call them) a woollen air weave blanket and in a about a months time Im guessing I will be adding his extra woollen blanket to his bed...

Ive never had any reason to worry, Ive never found them tangled etc...Liam was even a shocker and used to spin upside down and have his feet poking out the top of his blankets and his head under them...silly billy...

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We are still blanketless.... Tommy sleeps in footed PJs... I really like the fleece PJs, and yes we live in warm So. Calif. but we tend to keep the house on the cooler side. I thought about a loose knit one around a year, but he sleeps totally fine right now without one. We ditched the sacks at around 5 months, he was way too active in his crib at night to keep him in them. Hope you find something u like and are comfy with!

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With all of my eight we have done blankets! The kids love to snuggle. If you are afraid why not put two blanket sleepers and a onsie on hi. That should keep him warm:D