Christmas pictures!

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Christmas pictures!

I didnt do a true DITLO but these are from the last week, which both me and DH had off of work. We also had my sister, her DH and my nephew out from VA. Here is the link to my FB album, as I usually take a ton of pictures and cant pick favorites easily! Tommy got truly spolied, Thankfully on Xmas eve we sorted all his "baby" toys so we have to put those in bins to store. Cant wait to see everyones pictures!!

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I too am going to be lazy and just provide my fb link:

We too had a great Christmas. Kids were amazing. We had a near Santa catastrophe when DD announced that she'd seen Colin's Santa present (a remote control Cars car) in it's hiding spot. I quickly recovered and announced that it was Mommy and Daddy who'd given Colin the car, not Santa, and thanks for not spoiling Colin's suprise (which is why she didn't tell anyone that she'd seen it). Good thing she hadn't looked closer, because she'd have seen her Barbie car there too. phew.

Anyways, we had a blast...hope everyone else did too.

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Great pics! Love to see everyone growing!!!

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AWww love those pics! Whats sweeter than babies in jammies on Christmas morning????

That being said, here are MY links Smile

and the second album (im snap happy :p)