Come share with me!!!....

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Come share with me!!!....

Ok so I was wondering were everyone is at with there little (insert correct word) DARLING/MONSTER.....HAHAHAHA....

My Charlie is a bit of a Jekal and Hyde...which isn't surprising considering he was kinda born that way...I think I recall labelling him that once (probably more than once TBH) before...:rolleyes:

Anyway he is such a cuddly loving boy, yet is so rough and crazy at the same time...
He has no fear so climbs EVERYTHING, he seems to be very spatially aware as he never seems to fall off anything, even when it looks like it bound to happen...
He doesn't seem to feel pain...He is super LOUD!!! And laughs at himself ALOT...
He eats like a champ, dances all the time...Loves to read books, but has a favourite couple "The very hungry caterpillar" and Hairy Maclary's "Zachary Quack"...

BUT!!!!! the last week we have added a new couple of HORRID things....
1....HEADBUTTING, when things dont go his way, he will smash his face or forehead against whatever he can find, floor, wall, door and even the fire surround...:(
2....SCREAMING, again when things dont go his way (I also think its pure frustration because he cant voice himself) BUT screaming at the top of his lungs and for ages!!!...While tensing his entire body and shaking!!!

So where are you all at...

And show us some recent pics!!!

Heres Charlie.....

Charlie and I....

Charlie showing the little girl I look after how to build towers with the blocks....

And planting a big kiss on her too....This is what the poor girl has to put up with ALL DAY!!!...

And just because hes a cutie....

This was Charlies first attempt at eating his breakfast all by himself...I was totally impressed, he didnt spill a drop, this was just before his last 2 mouthfuls...CLEAN AYE!!!....Mummies anal-ness must be rubbing off on him Smile .....

And lastly, my little hood-lem....


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It seems like Logan is leaps and bounds behind Charlie- at least in the mobility area. He is not walking unassisted yet, but cruising like a champ. He is just too scared to take that first step without holding on to anything!

He is usually super happy during the day but wants to be picked up and carried around ALL OF THE TIME. This would be bad enough in itself, but add to that his insane fascination with faucets... if I dont let him turn on and off a faucet everytime I pick him up, he gets SO MAD! He will even ask to be picked up in a room without a faucet and point and wave to the closest room that has one! Sheesh!

Aside from that, he also loves to read- pretty much anything with animals are his favorite- we have this one that has 30 or animals and you push the animal and it makes the animal sound. He loves that! Also a fan of the Hungry Cattarpillar and those musical books. He crawls and gets into everything these days and LOVES going up the steps. Also opening and closing doors, drawers, cabinets, etc...

I dont know if this is something or not (we are pretty impressed by it) but he is really good at matching things- like animals in books. Say there is a page with a pig and we ask him to find the other page with the pig- 9 times out of 10 he will find it and match them. Same if we show him a large assortment of animals and ask, for example, where the cow is- he will point to the cow. He is our first kid so we dont know, but it seems impressive to us! Wink

He is getting cheeky when it comes to his meals and likes to test us ALL THE TIME by holding his food and/or drink over the edge of the tray and waiting for us to say no and then dropping it and shaking his head NO. Silly boy...

Thats about it from our end!!

Nat- what is Charlie eating in that pic where he is feeding himself! I am so impressed! We have been too scared to give Logan a utensil and let him have at it!! Smile

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Meredith - it sounds like what Logan is lacking in physical strengths like walking he is making up for intellectually. You've mentioned that before - like when he still wasn't sitting, but saying words. I think he's a smart boy, and his energies are being focused there instead of on walking. It's not uncommon for babies to not walk until 16 months, so hold tight, he'll get there Smile

Colin is walking, but it's been about a month since he took his first step and I'd say he's 75% still crawling and 25% walking. He's been doing more and more of it in the last week and LOVES the encouragement.

He is just about the happiest baby ever. He's always smiling at strangers, waving, etc. He's so different than DD, who cried when anyone tried to pick her up. It's refreshing to have a relaxed baby.

Colin is very opinionated though - if he doesn't get what he wants he SCREAMS for it. Meredith - you mentioned utensils? Colin insists on having one at the dinner table - anything we have he wants. That goes for food too - anything we're eating he wants. Makes meal times pretty easy, he's a good eater, but any guilty pleasures have to be eaten secretly!

Finally, he is obsessed with cars, wheels, airplanes - everything boy. He has a picture book with airplanes that he points to and yells "this" one hundred times in a row and we have to answer "airplane" each. and. every. time.

As for pictures...I am uploading pumpkin patch pics separately Smile

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Meredith- Charlie is eating rice bubbles and milk...I dont know, Im guessing you have them over there??? I sprinkle a little bit of Milo (healthier option of drinking chocolate, its a Kiwi thing I think) over them....he loves it...
This morning he had that with banana sliced into it too...

He also just eats what we I just serve au another plate to him at dinner time, Makes life sooooo much easier!!!!!...
Tonight he will be having roast chicken and roast veges!!! Smile

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I am on the same wild ride with jekyl and hyde. Tommy is such a sweety and so loving. He melts my heart with his kisses, blowing kisses and cuddles. Sometimes after naps he just wants to cuddle, but then he is off. My mom says he is busy doing nothing. Walking/Running all over the house. Plays with everything he can get his hands on. Empties the cabinet of tupperwear. Anything with wheels he is all about! Unrolls to toilet paper in like .2 seconds! But you remove him or an object he shouldnt be playing with, it becomes melt down mode. And he is cling-on child! my legs are a fav to hold on to especially if he is shy and is such a mamas boy. But I just eat it up!
Oh and he refuses to listen to me. And only me. I dont know why he got this way but he acts like I am not serious. Which I have no clue how to break.He still eating purees and acts like there is no end in sight for that. Still clings to bottles instead of sippys. For both I am going to wait till January and try to stop both cold turkey.
But he loves to make you laugh! Which is hysterical ! He looks for your reaction and keeps going and giggles to no end! And if you take him outside to play, you spend most of the day out there, he just loves the grass, sand, animals you name it! he is just a ball of non stop energy! And doesnt really talk which i am ok about but you can tell he is getting frustrated and has resulted to pointing at whatever he wants, which helps. mama, dada, baba, nice, baby are his main words. He is just a physical little guy!

Heres some pictures! All are from our VA trip so sorry if you saw them on FB!

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DH and I like to call Sully a Sour Patch Kid Biggrin Sour and then sweet. lol. He really is sweet most of the time. He loves to cuddle and he carries around a blanket most of the time. He likes to run up to us for a quick hug and then go back to playing. He loves kisses and is always giving them.

He's super active and wants to do everything big brother does. He climbs on tables and chairs and gets into a lot of trouble Wink He screams and clenches his fists if he doesn't get what he wants. He will also 'tell on' big brother if he hits him or takes away a toy...he'll come up to me and point at Ryken and talk some gibberish and shake his head 'yes.' It's pretty cute.

He's an awesome eater. Maybe too awesome. He eats anything we put in front of him. He's not big on sweets. He will usually turn down cookies or ice cream. He almost always eats more than Ryken at each meal.

He really likes to be held. It's our biggest struggle right now because I can't seem to get anything done. The minute I stand up to do something, he wants me to hold him.

He loves cars and pushes them around while making a car noise all day long. He also loves, loves, loves kitties. He knows which books have cats in them and will bring them to me and wait for me to turn it to the page with the cat on it. He'll then lean his head against the page like he's giving the cat a hug. It's so darn cute! We went to a pumpkin patch that has a farm as well this weekend, and Sully absolutely loved it. Animals everywhere Biggrin

Here's some pictures!

Playing outside wearing the hat I knitted him

This was last weekend at a pumpkin farm. He LOVES animals.

Riding a pony

Picking out a pumpkin

Sitting on tractor tires

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Loving all the pictures!!! Our babies are growing up so fast...

Jacob is doing really well, he really seems to have turned into a toddler over night!
He is still ver physical, running around and climbing everything...I really have to watch him! He loves dancing! He's got so many moves lol! He also LOVES cars! I am always finding him in Christopers room...
He has a few words, most of them in Greek as I am speaking to him in Greek only...
He is eating like a champ and growing a lot which is great..

Ugh one annoying thing is the biting. When he gets angry he bites! Also doesn't help that my kids laugh when he does it. Really need to nip that in the bud...

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They are all looking so old and handsome!!!

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Cam is such a little lover! He is a cuddly little guy who loves to please everyone! He's always trying to make people laugh. He talks nonstop, but most of it is still gibberish. I can only get a few words out of him. Bath, ball, and bye are about it. Otherwise it's all baby talk.

He walks pretty good considering his last ear infection lasted three weeks and really affected his balance. He is trying to run, but it's more of a waddle Smile

Cam has recently started throwing tantrums when he does not get his way. He never used to do this, but he's learning from two pros Wink He lays down on the floor and just starts crying. It's pretty pitiful....

I'm still working on pics. My camera is broke and my phone is being dumb. I'll come back and add them if I can get them to work.