Daltons 18 month stats

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Daltons 18 month stats

My Chunker monker!!

28 lbs 34 inches and rocking 70-80% for height/weight. All in all a fantastic appointment, save for the 2 shots of course. He has been passed out since we got home!!

He DID kind of mention that we MAY want to consider AT least night weaning. LOL.. he said "It's not harming him in any way... but the longer he stays the harder it will be to get him in his own bed." Agreed, Doc! So I am going to do some research on how to make this happen with as little drama as possible. I am truly TRULY ready to sleep comfortably again and I think he would do well for a good nights rest too...

Ahhhh.. the joys of toddlerhood. While I am sad my baby is growing, I am THRILLED this is the last time I have to worry about any of this Smile

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Sounds like a good visit! Great stats! The shots are always so hard, but there is a teeny-tiny part of me that loves how snuggly Izzy gets following them.

Good luck with your nighttime endeavors! I hope you find a painless way to transition!

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Chunky monkey! Good stats!
Good luck night weaning. I heard of other mamas who have daddy get them back to sleep in the middle of the night. that way they arent rooting around for milk. no clue if it works. Hopefully no tears are involded and you can get your sleep on! KUP!

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wow...great stats!

Night weaning as in you're still getting up to nurse him in the night? Wow...you must be exhausted!!

Good luck, thinking thoughts of an easy transition for you!