DITLO Tommy! picture heavy!

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DITLO Tommy! picture heavy!

I know my week was forever ago, but I totally spaced and did it today. Today was a b.o.r.i.n.g. day... so lots of play pictures in the house.

Mommy didnt take a picture of me waking up... but here we are playing trying not to wake up the rest of the house

Eating some blueberry waffles with mama.... I didnt want my purees this morning

Diaper change!

Up from my first nap!!!!

Another diaper change

Dressed for Memorial Day!

Helping daddy replace mommys power steering pump

It was such a nice day out, we ate lunch outside watching daddy work on the truck

Play time~

I play outside of my jumper now....

Bottle time ( and he ate about 5 bottles today but this was the only picture I got of it)

Another diaper change

Dinner time! Chicken and sweet potatoes! Yummo but very messy!

I am done mom... get me out!

Love to chase empty bottles, who needs fancy toys?

And every night I roll around all over these pillows, they must have some magical power!


He was rubbing his face on me. although he looks like he is giving me kisses!

Night night!!!

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Thanks for sharing the great pics!! He looks SO BIG!! That pic where it looks like he is kissing you is too precious... Smile And, the empty bottle thing- TOTALLY going to try that one here. Smile

Logan loves blueberry waffles, too!

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He is so dang cute! I agree, he looks big. So much more grown up than a 10 month old. TFS. Looks like he had a fun day.

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Nice pics! He is a keeper:D What nice hair he has too!!!

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Awww so cute - that one of him kissing you is frame-worthy!
Clara is also a major fan of plastic bottles Smile

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Awww... so sweet. what a cutie.

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OMGosh, he's too cute! The picture of the "kiss" is so sweet. Tommy looks so healthy and happy! and he's got such a mature little man face Smile


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Love the pics!

He definitely has great hair and you look amazing in the kiss pic!

TFS Smile

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So cute! And I love the kiss picture Biggrin

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Thanks ladies!!! Yeah is growing... at his slow pace. he is up to 17lbs 11.5 oz as of last friday so he is chugging along!!!
And plastic bottles are the best... he hits it and it rolls away, its a never ending game!! I think we have one or two in every room of the house now! And he is need of a 1st hair cut, trying to wait till 1 year to do it, but its coming around his ears and is curly in the back. Soon enough!