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Easter is finally here! What does everyone have planned? Do you travel or stay home?

We stay local but have dinner with DH's family on Friday and then with my family on Saturday. Sunday is a local Easter parade which we go to every year. That's it for us.

I had Easter pics taken of the kids (not the greatest quality as it's a picture of a picture):

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Your kids are DOLLS!!!!!
We are in Greece for Easter.
Happy Easter to you all!

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We are not planning too much for Easter this year- I think that we are going to go our for an early dinner with DHs family and then back to his folks house for dessert. Smile

We debated getting Logan a basket this year and decided against it since he wouldnt really be able to unload it, or open it or anything!

What cute pics of the kids!!! Smile Colin looks like he just cant believe what is going on!

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That is soooo cute!

The boys and I are going up to WI to stay with my parents for a week over Easter. My Mom is super excited Biggrin

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What a great picture of them!! Colin has sparkly blue eyes, love it!
No plans here. I might make a small easter basket, with some onesies or bath toys. Not sure who is the family is having dinner- they all wait until last minute to plan things.

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I just do a comunal family basket for us. Though I did get Alice a stuffed bunny, and Nate a Toy story breakfast set. And I am going to do an egg hunt for Nate this year as I think he'll get it! Other than that, just hanging out at home.

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Oh I forgot to mention that we'll do an egg hunt for Georgia...we did it last year and she had a blast!
The Easter Bunny has bought her doll a new outfit, Colin a new toy and a kite for them to share Smile

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We are staying in town. We'll do church in the morning, though not sure if it will be the sunrise service. Then SIL is hosting Easter lunch, and my parents will be coming to stay for the weekend. There is usually an egg hunt for the nieces and nephews, and I'm sure Izzy will be carted around to "help" hunt. I got her a small Easter basket filled with a couple new pacis and paci straps (we lost our good ones on vacation), a toothbrush and toothpaste, a board book, and a new toy (she LOVES our friends light up and singing pooh bear ball, so I found something similar).