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I am exhausted. I also think I'm PMS'ing, which doesn't help.

Colin is getting up way too early (up at 5 and not going back to sleep). I'm staying up later than I should (and it's pathetic that 10pm is too late). I can't focus at work...and am frustrated because I have so much to learn and just can't seem to absorb anything. I seriously feel more wiped than I did when he was new and up every 2 hours.

I'm not enjoying my new job. at all. I really want another role that was dangled infront of my nose but hasn't actually opened up yet and now that I've taken another job I can't take the one I really want. My job is not what I was expecting but I love my manager and team and feel bad for feeling so miserable.

Anyone else feel like they're burning the candle at both ends? I just don't know how to get everything done AND also have the time to relax. My super mom powers seem to have run out!

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U still are super mom... just a tired one! Its only been like 3 weeks or so right? With learning new things and what not its that learning curve that takes it out.. at least with me it does... I am sure once you have everything down you will feel a ton better and maybe not so exhausted!
I am right there. I stay up too late and tommy is thankfully down to once a night waking up (he was up 3-4 times a night with teething and the growth spurt) and about 75% of the time he is up at 515.... I cuddle him in hopes of 30 mins of snooze time for us both. Based on FB it seems a few of us have the early risers and going thru a sleep funk right now. Hopefully it will all work itelf out and we can all be sane functioning super mamas again! and soon!

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Oh geez, I am so sorry that you are feeling so worn out right now... Sad You know, I have been there with the job that you thought that you were going to love only to find out it isnt what you want. That in itself is exhausting since you know you have so much to learn and absolutely no motivation to learn it. Put on top of that the lack of sleep and general "being a mom-ness" and I can only imagine that you are feeling tired!

All I can say is "hang in there!"... I agree that things may get better once you have learned what you need to learn and get the hang of it more...

Why cant you you go for the other job that you want?