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Colin goes on eating strikes when he is cutting a tooth. He stops eating, then comes the drool and a week later a tooth appears. The problem with this is that in the last 3 weeks he's gone on a 2 separate eating strikes and it is SO frustrating!

I know he's a big baby, but I wanted him to stay big! If I give him purees he spits them back out (when I can actually get it in his mouth). He doesn't like cut up fruit and has been ignoring the cut up veggies on his tray.

What are your kids favourite finger foods? He's eating cheese broiled on a peice of toast for lunch and seems to be eating it, but he ate nothing for breakfast (maybe 10 cheerios).


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Gosh! I wish that I had some words of wisdom over here... Sad Logan just cut his 2 bottom teeth and although he didnt eat a ton while they were popping through, he still ate.

He is eating solid food like it is going out of style over here. I just started giving him those Gerber graduates meals once in a while. They are little ravioli's stuffed with different things. he LOVES them and they are soft. They also make a breakfast version that we just tried today for the first time- oats, apples and cinnamon. Microwave for 20 seconds and it is good to go. Logan LOVED it!

He is also eating all sorts of fresh fruits and cooked frozen veggies... chicken, turkey, cubed cheese...

Wish I was more help on the eating front, but Logan is like a vacuum - pretty much eats whatever we are eating at the time (as long as it is soft!)

Good luck and hang in there! Hope he get those teeth in and starts mowing down the food again soon!

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I feel your pain! Tommy halts his eating as well when he is teething- which is right now. He is doing better this time around and is eating about half of what he used to. I tend to find anything he is willing to eat and stick to his favs. He loves grilled cheese or blueberry waffles so if that means me making a grilled cheese, thats what he eats. I still would offer his purees but hopefully you can find something that works until he resumes normally eating.
Good Luck! tommys top two have been white white for a few days, I am expecting them to cut any time now!