Fussy eater phase + 1y stats.

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Fussy eater phase + 1y stats.

Ugh!! Jacob has always been so good with his eating, he would eat anything since 6 months even chunky hard food. Well he seems to be going through some sort of phase. Lot's of his faves he seems to be bored of. Like banana, yogurt etc. He is also being a bit funny with finger foods. He will throw a lot of it on the floor and spit a lot of it out. He has never been like this!! I am suspecting teething and he did just get over a horrible virus so maybe it's that. I am trying to be very patient and just offer food and if he has it he has it if not then that's ok. Also he seems to not like fruit at all at the moment. Mostly ends up on the floor!!

On a good note we had his 1y appointment today and all is well. He is 30 inches tall(50th) and 18.9lbs(just under the 25th) which is way better than I thought!! Woo hoo!!! Dr said not to worry about the eating, it's just that he is a busy boy and as he has been walking for so long he probably burns a lot of the calories anyways. She just said offer and don't make a big deal. He is to stay on his antibiotics for his UTI's still and he will have another U/S in a couple of months.
So all in all a good appt!

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Glad his appointment went well!

Sully will eat most anything we put in front of him. DS1 started getting picky around a year though. It's frustrating to have a picky eater, but I figure they'll eat when they're hungry.

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Those are great stats!

Colin goes on eating strikes when he's teething. Sounds like he's been a great eater until now so I'm sure he'll come around. He just likes keeping you on your toes Smile

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I agree with julie on the teething strikes, thats what happens here as well! But my LO has always been a picky eater - food just isnt his thing!
Great job on those stats!!! I suspect my LO will be similar. Hope his UTI goes away soon!!!

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Great stats! Sounds like he is doing well. Smile