Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter!

Happy 1st Easter to all our LOs!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!!!! Anyone want to share some Easter pictures?

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Happy Easter! Smile I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday!

No pics here, yet... but soon!!!

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We had a fun day/weekend. Weather turned out nice for the Easter parade (and for the entire weekend). Here are my pics:

DH's parents gave DD a gigantic Easter Bunny last year. Their house is way bigger than ours so it permanently resides there. We brought it out for the kids to play with and they LOVED it:

Our community has an Easter parade every year (one of the largest if not THE largest in North America...I assume these are not very common). We bundled up (although it warmed up once the sun came out) and watched the parade. Colin slept through half of it (marching bands, sirens and all), but seemed to enjoy it once he woke up.

DH & Colin

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Hope everyone had a great Easter!!