Happy Mama's day!!

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Happy Mama's day!!

Hope everyone is having a great Mothers Day!!!!!! Any awesome plans or gifts????

We are just hanging out. Nothing crazy going on here!

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Happy Mother's Day to everyone! Smile

We had a lovely day together today- the sun was shining, Logan was happy all day and I couldnt have asked for anything better- we even made it to the park! "Logan" got me a locket with two pictures of him etched inside. One was the first picture we ever took together when he was born and the other was one of him that DH and I love... Smile They are etched in the locket so I can get it wet and not worry about ruining film and dont ever have to take it off Smile

I hope that everyone else is having a great Mommies Day, too!

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Happy Mothers Day (belated)

I had a really nice one! Pancake breakfast in the morning, gardening, and then some relax time in the evening. And I didn't strangle even ONE kid Smile LOLOOOLOL!!!