Hello! I am still here!!

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Hello! I am still here!!

Hi ladies!!

I just wanted to take second to say hello and that I am still alive and kicking.. I have had zero time to really sit and be on the boards in the past several weeks since we have been moving, but I think that the craziness is coming to an end and so I should be around more now!

I have been lurking and reading and hope that everyone is doing well! Happy end of summer to everyone (or end of winter, depending on where you are!) Smile

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Moving? Oh fun and we need pictures! haha! Glad you guys are good. Moving is not so fun, so hoping you are done soon!

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Welcome back! It seems a lot of us are busy...or just less chatty. Hope the move goes well Smile

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Welcome back! Glad your move went well!!! Or, I hope it did? LOL!

I have been MIA too.. I mean HERE, but not posting... I act like I am all busy :rolleyes: