Holy Heat

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Holy Heat

Ok so I know I live in Canada and am not used to ridiculous heat like you southern girls, but holy cow it's HOT out! Today was 34C plus humidity made it feel in the low 40's (farenheit conversion says that's 97F and 105F). Thursday is supposed to be even hotter with temps near 50C (122F). WTF? I love summer, hate winter and it takes a lot for me to complain about the heat!

How do you stay cool? I'm going to assume you stay inside with AC? It's way too hot to go to a splash pad and we don't have a swimming pool in our backyard (although we were at my parents today who have one and it was heavenly, but they live 45 minutes away and I can't go every day).

How hot is it where you are?

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over 100 everyday for the past month, and even before that it was at least 90. It's awful. We go out in the early mornings to the park or splash pad. If we go out later in the day we do the pool or lake. The boys and I are starting to go crazy being inside all the time!

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It is super hot here, too... ugh... supposed to be in the high 90s all week- its miserable! We tend to go for walks in the morning and put Logans little pool out in the yard so that it warms up by the afternoon so that he can go in- nice for him but superhot for us sitting there on the grass next to him! We are supposed to be this hot for the next week or so then cool down into the low 80s- YAY! (And, we are moving this week!!)

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We went to the library today. Sometimes we go to the McDonalds that has a play place if they are cooped up too long. It is just too hot to play outside.

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Its supposed to be high 90s or so here... so far this summer is not nearly as hot as normal, I love the heat without any humidity. We usually hit up the pool at my parents or go to friends that live closer to the beach -30 mins away. or stay inside.