I cant believe my baby is almost 1...(XP)

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I cant believe my baby is almost 1...(XP)

The year has passed so fast...seems like only yesterday I was struggling to cope with my gorgeous baby boy...
Heres the lastest photo I have of him...We were playing in the hallway yesterday...

I look at his sweet face now and wonder how on earth he made things so hard...And wondered how I could as upset and be as unhappy as I was...Just as well that is all in the past and things are soooo much better now Smile

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He is so gorgeous! 1st birthdays are so bittersweet.

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Charlie Bear is so dang cute!!!

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Love you both! :0)

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Well you know what the say difficult baby easy toddler and vice versa!!! It held true with both my other 2. DD was EASY baby TERRIBLE toddler and ds was the opposite. Jacob has been quite challenging as a baby but every since he started walking he is SO much happier!!! Different child.
I love photo number 4 he is such a gorgeous boy!!

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He is just too cute! I love his long hair. I also can't believe it's been almost a year. I feel like Sully's first year has gone by a lot quicker than Ryken's did. Sad

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Charlie is such a beautiful boy! What a sweet post.