Jacob talking to himself in the mirror :)

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Jacob talking to himself in the mirror :)

Gotta love the iphone, I have captured so many funny moments as it's always on me anyways!! My videocamera was made redundant a long time ago...

Just a funny one I wanted to share!

and one of Jacob and his favourite toy the remote control!

and a couple of recents of the kids



All together

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Wow his walking is sooo good...Ive been expecting Charlie to walk for ages...but hes just not interested...He will stand there and throw his head back to make himself dizzy I think and crack up...but no walking...

Jacob looks so grown up and has so much hair for a blondy...and do I detect a bit of strawberry blond there...LOL...

Funny as I was watching your vid...Charlie was making the same noises as he looked in the mirror at himself...Remotes are a huge favourite here too...

Glad to see your older son is nice when Jacob hurts him...Liams a bit rough with Charlie and tends to lash out back at him...

He looks like a very happy cruisy boy...It so nice after having a rough time with them earlier on isnt it!!!!

Thanks for sharing I love vids and pics...

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Great pics and video! The walking definitely makes him so much older than Colin.

It's funny how remotes are such a popular toy. Anything we use they want to play with Smile

Your kids are gorgeous - I love it when you post new pics of them!!

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Your kiddos are so adorable!!!
I love the remote video.... so cute he walks with his hands up....he is walking so well!!!!

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You take WONDERFUL pics! So great! What cute kids!!!!!

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Nat yes he does have a bit of strawberry blonde in his hair, funny thing is all my kids got it around 4 months and then gradually turned blonde by the age of 2ish. I think Jacob will be the blondest of the 3 the new hair coming out underneath is so light blonde!

yeah Christopher is quite good with him but he is almost 7 so he understands more. Im sure if he was under 3 he wouldn't be quite so understanding! You have it the other way around than me. My 2 older ones are close and then big gap with Jacob whereas your eldest has the big gap from the 2 littlees Wink

Lol Sara yea the hands up in the air thing cracks me up!!!! He just cracks me up in general so weird seeing such an opinionated little thing walking around!

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His walk is adorable!! All your children are beautiful! TFS!

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Too dang cute!!! What a great walker he is. Scarlett LOVES the remote as well. She will scream and cry if we take it away from her when she has it.

Your children are beautiful & your older 2 kiddos look so grown up!