Last night I became "THAT" parent.

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Last night I became "THAT" parent.

After I attended a meeting DH. Izzy and I ran to Wal-Mart to pick up some things before heading home. It was already 9:00, getting past bedtime, and someone was hungry and tired. So we tried to be quick. Izzy has one of those car covers, where you thread the straps through so she can still be secured, which she was. But as I turned to grab something she stood up and flipped over the cart. Since she was strapped she didn't hit the floor, but still banged her head on the cart and was very scared. Everyone was staring and I felt like an awful parent! Her bruises look almost faded already this morning, so it must not have been that bad, but it was SO scary!

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Oh no! Bad parent.
I was at the zoo the other day and I dropped the camera on sweet Sienas head... I felt like such a bad mom...

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I've dropped Colin twice.

The first time he was 4 weeks old and in the stroller. I turned to scold DD and the stroller rolled off the sidewalk and flipped over. I took him to urgent care because he had a big welt on his forehead. He was fine but I cried. A lot.

When he was 7 months old he was in the car seat, not strapped in, and I think I forgot he was in there. I picked it up to put it on the stroller and he fell out. He was fast asleep and I think was slumped forward a bit, which made him even more likely to fall out. He fell into a puddle, luckily on his side, not head first. At least Izzy was strapped in Smile

It's a horrible feeling but at least she's ok Smile

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oh my! I am glad she is OK! Dont worry Tommy went flying off the bed once, thankfully at my parents where the bed isnt that high, in fact this is the first time I am "saying" it to anyone I was so devasted I let him do that!
Glad the bruises are already fading, and someone once said at this age they wont remember our silly mistakes! :bigarmhug:

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You are fully a REAL mama now!!!