Mama's night out....

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Mama's night out....

I am actually getting out saturday night for a girls night for dinner and dancing. Its the first girls night since well ... probably being 6 months preggo? I have gone out a total of 4 times since tommys been born.
I am finding that I have a hard time leaving him. When I do leave, he is asleep and clearly I am not truly missing anything of great importance and he doesnt "need" me when he is asleep. Does it get easier to leave? I hate leaving and feel incredibly guilty and somewhat irresponsible for wanting a little me time. I am more than happy being home with him. I guess its difficult working full time and being so used to doing everything on my own, I am not liking the letting go (even though its not really me letting go of anything) KWIM??? Am I crazy? does it get easier as they get older? I clearly have not figured out a balance.

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I think it gets better when they are older and do not seem as "baby" as they are now. When they are older and can have fun and understand that you will be out for a bit.

It is ALWAYS hard though....that is what makes you a great mom!

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It definitely gets easier....especially when they are a sassy 2 1/2 year old!

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It does get easier. I actually didn't leave DD overnight until about a year ago - she was 2 1/2. I felt like after I went back to work every second of our time was important and I didn't want to miss any of it. But, just going out for an evening definitely gets easier as they get older.

You're a great mom and he knows it. It's best for both of you if you take time for yourself Smile