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Hello ladies! Just a quick question... Smile Logan has pretty much weaned himself from his afternoon bottle (he gets 3 bottles a day, before breakfast, midday and before bed)... he has lost all interest in the afternoon bottle lately and so we thought that we would start offering him whole milk throughout the day in its place. (Leaving the 2 formula bottles as they are- before b-fast and bed)... do you just do it cold turkey- like offer it to them in a sippy? Do they take to it well? Should I mix it with his formula a bit? What has worked for everyone?!

Also, how much should I expect him to drink at a time? LOL... so many questions!

Thanks so much!!! Smile

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Wish I could help but I have similar questions! DD refused cow's milk until she was almost 2!

Colin gets some milk with lunch - maybe 3oz and nurses 3x/day but I have no idea how much he should be getting. He gobbles it up in the sippy without problem so I'm happy about that.

Looking forward to other responses Smile

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With DS1 we just switched cold turkey. He was good with the sippy and they didn't allow bottles in the toddler room he was in at daycare. It worked well for us. I know some people like to mix it with formula/bm to get them used to the taste.

We haven't started whole milk with Sully yet, but I'm planning on doing it soon. I will put it in a sippy plain (not mixed with bm). He's already had tastes from DS1 sippy and cried when I take it away, so I think he likes it Biggrin

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Nathan used to get 4 bottles a day - we just dropped one of them and replaced it with some whole milk in the afternoon - we did it cold turkey and he was fine with it. He also has some with breakfast and dinner....I think the other middle of the day bottle is on it's way out as well.

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I started mixing an ounce in each bottle last week. now he gets 1/2 milk and 1/2 formula. next week he will have a little more and probably a week before his 1 year bday he will be switched over. Right now he thinks only water belongs in his sippy. So thats our challenge with it right now.

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We went cold turkey. Alice didn't like BM mixed with formula, so I thought, why bother mixing milk with formula? Especially since I wanted to ditch the bottles anyway. Why get her used to something that I'm planning to take away in a week or so! Anyway, she did fine!