Obsessive much?

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Obsessive much?

Hi ladies!

I know that I have been rather MIA lately, but I have been here lurking and reading! Things have just gotten crazy-busy here...I miss you...

Ok, weird question... Logan has this extreme fascination with light switches and faucets. EVERY SINGLE TIME we either walk by a switch or a faucet he waves and lunges and wants to turn them on and off. I mean, every time. While I dont mind indulging him from time to time, is it odd that he is so fixated? Whenever I just walk by and ignore his requests, he cries and cries. He could literally stand by our bathtub and turn on and off the water for hours- same with the lights. He turns them on, looks to see that the light is on, then flips the switch and turns them off and checks to see the light is off..over and over and over again... is that normal?

He isnt walking yet but is definitely cruising around and crawling everywhere! He sits in front of light switches waving at them and fussing till we pick him up and let him at them!!

Just wondering what you all think of that... its so odd...

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They love repetition at this age. Colin would do the same if I let him, but standing beside a light switch for 5 minutes is not my idea of fun.

If you're really concerned, mention it at your next dr's appointment, but I guarantee he's just being 1.

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meredith I could have posted this same exact thing! Except the faucets, we have dealt with that yet. But light switches the chain for the fans are insane! Its like candy to him! My mom lets him do it only so much at her house, where he mainly does it. He tends not to do it at our house for some strange reason. I think its just them figuring things out. So my mom lets him turn the lights on and off when entering and leaving a room. Not sure that he gets what he is doing but he loves it!! He was obsessed with the cats and dogs a month ago, I think its just them learning

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yah, not odd at all. Agnes loves light switches too. I think it makes them feel powerful Smile