OT - Wedding?

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OT - Wedding?

Ok so this is TOTALLY OT but, who's planning to watch the royal wedding?

The procession starts at 3am for me so I won't be up for that (pvr is set) but will get up for 6am, which is when the ceremony occurs.

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lol... I am not planning on watching. Although I am sure I will watch any reruns over the weekend.

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Someones getting married?

hahaha... I crack myself up... I'll PVR it.

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Obviously we will be watching! A bit bummed though as we are in Greece on holiady. There is a huge street party going on on our road in the UK!!! We are back tomorrow so missing it all Sad

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Watched it. Had a few people over and had a little party. Fun day!

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I watched a little of it. She had a very pretty dress!

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I forgot that it was on till I saw this post! LOL! So, I caught the very end of the ceremony and the "big" kiss! Smile