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Sorry I missed yesterday...BUSY DAY....

What is your favorite thing to cook for a normal meal? What's your favorite thing for special occasions?

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Do I have to cook it? haha. DH usually does the cooking and does it well.

My favourite thing to make for every day would be a beef stew. Yum.

My favourite thing for a special occasion is roast beef. Yum.

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Regular day:0) Take and bake pizza! I love to BBQ Tri-Tip as a special!

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I love to make fried chicken with mashed taters and country gravy- yummo! or beef enchilas caserole form. Special occassions... I have done Thanksgiving dinner two or three times with all the fixin's including a 3 layed chocolate caramel gnache cake! baking I prefer over cooking any day!

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DH is the "master chef" over here, too! I do make a mean pasta sauce, tho...

In the summer-time we live off BBQing... we tend to grill a lot in the summer and it is one of our favorite ways to cook things...

For special occasions...hmmm.... we usually go out! Which doesnt happen very often but when it does, its SO nice!! Smile

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Too funny - I went to write a reply and realized that I don't really know what we make for special occasions. We usually eat out - if it's Christmas or something like that, we dig around in our cookbooks and usually make something fancy we've never had before. For regular nights, my go-to meal is pasta with wilted spinach, fresh tomatoes, and mozzarella - super quick and easy.