REALLY frustrated with logging into this site!

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REALLY frustrated with logging into this site!

I have been trying for about a week and a half or more to log in here. It will not let me. I have problems before this....but not as bad. Every now and again I try and log in and it says my password is not correct....which it always it. No problem though, I just request a new one, they send it to my email and Wala! I can reset it again and I am back in.

This time however, every time I request a new password to be sent one NEVER shows up. I have checked my junk box and all....not password.

I have emailed them twice and no one ever contacts me back.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO after waiting forever I decided to sign up again. Too bad I lost all of my posts. Now it shows I only have 2:(

Missed telling everyone happy birthday! So a BIG Happy Birthday to all!


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Welcome back!!!!! maybe they can fix your old logon?

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The most common reason for login issues as you are describing is an incomplete profile. In your profile ALL the spaces indicated by the red * MUST be completed or, unfortunately, members will experience issues logging in/staying logged in and eventually be locked out. This usually only affects members who joined prior to a few years ago before the switch to these boards, but occasionally can affect others too.

If you are able to access your original profile, I would ask you to check and make sure these spaces are completed and complete them if they are not.

The other thing that can sometimes cause issues is a corrupt cookie being picked up somewhere along the way. We strongly recommend clearing all cookies/temp files from any and all devices (computers/phones/blackberries/etc) that you use to access PO as this can often take care resolve things for you.

If you are unable to check your old login and/or it's still not working even after doing so and/or clearing cookies and temp files, then Missy will have to reset your account for you. You can email her at [][/EMAIL].

Be sure to include both your old and new usernames, let her know which you would like to keep, and also the email address you want associated with the account. Also, double check your email settings to make sure they aren't mistakenly filtering the emails from PO as spam and putting them in your spam/junk folder.


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Marla sent me a note directing me to this thread. I did a search on my email and cannot find anything from you. My guess is perhaps you emailed another support address?

I took a look at your account and believe that it will require a reset. Your profile is complete. Sometimes, if you have reset your password on one computer (computing device) and then access the site using another one (such as a work computer or smart phone/blackberry) that had your old pw stored, it can cause a conflict. The other possibility is that a file corrupted for whatever reason and just needs to be clear.

Either way, I'm happy to reset your account and walk you through the instructions to avoid it continuing to frustrate you! Email me at [email][/email] with your old username, new username (indicate which you prefer to keep) and the email address you want associated with your account.

Also separately - to help us track down whatever the email issue is, can you forward one of those requests for help you sent in previously to my [email][/email] account?

HTH! Sorry you are having to deal with this!

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Awesome I will do that thanks!

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Looks like they fixed my old account! Yeah!