Rethreading car seat straps?

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Rethreading car seat straps?

This is just one of those things I'm completely clueless about...
Clara has been in a convertible car seat for a while, and I've never really messed with the straps (other than to tightened them to fit). There are 3 "slots" in the seat back for different heights for the straps. How do you know when to move up to the next slot? Is there a website with pictures or something for dummies like me? I don't even know how to google this question! Right now, the straps are coming out of the bottom slot, which is an inch or two below her shoulders. The next slot up is almost at her shoulder height. My common sense feeling is that the slot should be well below her shoulders, but is there some kind of standard for this?

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The straps should always be below the shoulders, at least this is what they taught in the car seat safety class DH and I took.

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I think your manual should also tell you...but yes, below the shoulders.