It seems.....the dog has gone!!!

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It seems.....the dog has gone!!!

You all know my troubles with our neighbours dog!!!....

Well we were just saying last night how quiet its been...When we were driving to the supermarket last night we saw our neighbours all 3 surrounding us out walking their dogs, there was one dog missing!!! THE DOG!!!

When we came home we noticed the kennel was empty, the gates were open and shes taken the shade cloth off her gates that she used to stop the dog from seeing the people walking past and barking...

SOOOOOO we dont know where, how or why...BUT it seems she has gone!!!...I hope nothing nasty happened to her, as I didnt hate her as such, it wasnt her fault she wasnt trained well and was locked in the kennel all day and night...

Anyway, Im keeping my eyes peeled for my other neighbour, she will fill me in on whats happened!!!...

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Yay for more sleep for you!! but hopefully nothing bad happened, keep us posted if you hear the scoop of the dog

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Hopefully the pup has found a better home! So glad that you and the family can have some more peace and quiet now, though. It's so hard when it's something affecting you and your family that you can't control.