Stranger danger and.....

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Stranger danger and.....

realizing he doesnt always get what he wants.... yup u guessed it, thats the phase we are in right now. Friday my mom was sick so I stayed home with Tommy. I decided to take him to my old office to say hi, he clung to me like no other. He freaked when my GF tried picking him up. And progressively over the weekend he has started getting more and more upset when we take something away from him, or move him to a "safer" spot (ie not the tile) ... Tonight tears were even involved. I have a feeling this stage is going to remain .. for oh the next 17 years??? lol...

anyone else going through anything new lately????

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Oh yes! Clara got into a clean stack of cloth wipes that had just come out of the drier and started chewing on them. I took the stack away and she yelled at me and then started crying! She was pretty easily distracted, but I was still really surprised that she actually cried because I took something away - that's new for sure!

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This isn't new new, been going on for a bit now, but Colin whines to he picked up, and when I do he tries to lunge back out of my arms. I think he wants to stand instead of sit or lay on his tummy (still not crawling, doing the beached whale thing and getting frustrated).

So, I either end up standing and holding his hands or sitting on the floor/ground with him.

The problem with the lunging is that he's so heavy I'm afraid he'll fall head first out of my arms!

These babies...they keep us on our toes Smile

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Yes to both! Ugh when we take something dangerous away form him he screams bloody murder!

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We are not there yet, but I am betting its coming soon! Sigh....

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Oh yeah... I share your pain...