Talking about food...

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Talking about food...

Bree does not like anything but purees. Not that I am surprised because, if I remember correctly, Alyssa ate purees until she was about 18 months old. Bree gags and almost chocks if there is anything chunky in her food.

The talk about cheese really got me thinking...

Does anyone's LO do this too?

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Have you tried to just leave a small amount of chunkiness in the puree? So that it is almost all smooth with just a minute amount of small chunks in it? Maybe you could sort of sneak it in there so that she doesnt know that she is eating small chunks? Smile

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I would just keep offering finger food or chunkier purees. Eventually she'll take to it. See, we have the exact opposite problem, Sully doesn't want purees anymore. He'll eat cereal with a fruit in the morning, but he won't eat the veggie purees later in the day, he wants the real thing. So I just steam whole veggies for him.

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Not over here but a good friend had the same problem - her DD ate purees until 18 mos. Maybe just keep offering finger foods?