Teeth count!

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Teeth count!

How many teeth does your July baby have?

Scarlett now has 6! For the longest time she only had her two bottom ones, but last week all 4 of her top came in at the same time. Yeah...that week sucked! She was sooo dang cranky.

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we have 4 on top and 4 on the bottom... with two more sprouting on the bottom... Smile

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Colin has 8 - 4 up, 4 down.

He's been teething for what feels like months...I'm sure his eye teeth and possibly molars are coming in but nothing has poked through yet.

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6, 2 bottom 4 top. It looks like she is getting her back ones on top too.... I don't know where her bottom teeth are hiding!

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Alice has 10, including 3 molars. Molars are a biatch! She's got the 4 front on the bottom, and 1 molar. And 3 top middle plus 2 molars. She's been working on the other molar and one on the top for ages now. I haven't checked the back for a few days, maybe that evil molar has finally broken through!

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We are at 6 as well, 2 top 4 bottoms. We have 3 about to poke thru ... two up top and a molar on the bottom. Speaking of teething.... Hylands teething tablets are back in stores!!! I think they have been recalled for well over a year now and are back! Most mamas I know swore by them for teething, I will be buying some this weekend for sure!!!

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I *think* between 10-12. He got his molars over the summer and boy was he grumpy!!! he only had 4 teeth and got like 8 within 6 weeks!!! the molars all came through LITERALLY one after the other or maybe even at the same time. Poor bubba.

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Morgan has 4 on the top and 3 on the bottom with one more on the way on the bottom.

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Hahahaha funny I just happened to look in Charlies mouth last night and much to my surprise he has added 2 molars to his mouth without us even noticing!!!!
So he now has 9....4 bottom 3 top and 2 top molars....
There are 2 bottom molars cutting through now I can just see the tip of one now and the other I can feel...This is why I looked in his mouth as I notice the tip of it yesterday...
Imagine my surprise to find 2 molars have cut through and it must have been a couple of weeks back as they are quite big!!!

He really is a good teether!!!!.....Im sure hes making up for being such a hard newborn!!!

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jack didn't get his 1st tooth till 10.5 months, and now he has 6 !!!!! LOL!!! he is also cutting the 2 lower laterals, and a molar is bulging!!!!! oy!! poor little guy!!

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6 here as well.. 4 top, and those two silly little teeth on the bottom that he was born with!!!