Travel Advice?

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Travel Advice?

Ok! We are off for the 18hr drive to FL on Friday and wonder if there are any words of wisdom from anyone who was made a LONG car trip with LO's before... we are planning to leave around 1pm, right before Logan' nap, drive for a while, stop for dinner and then drive through the night. HOPEFULLY, he will sleep all night (12 hours) like normal. We plan to stick to the nighttime routine- change clothes and bottle then put him to "bed" in the car...

Any thoughts/suggestions for us would be awesome!!!! Smile

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- Bring lots of food
- Sit beside him if possible
- Prepare for the worst and hope for the best

Have a great trip!!

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I agree with the sitting next to him part, we did a 9 hour drive in December and we had to stop after an hour so I could sit back there with him. He was much happier with a friendly face. Although when he tried to put him back in the carseat a day after we got there he freaked- poor guy thought we were sticking him back in it for another long haul!

Have fun and take lots of pictures to share!!!

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Benedryl? Lol...

Have fun!

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"stupidcomputer" wrote:

Benedryl? Lol...

Have fun!

That's funny because DH works with mainly older people and one of his patients said they used to give their kids benedryl when going on a long trip! Tempting....

I would bring lots of snacks that are easy to eat in the car. I found those pouches of purees works really nice and Sully can just suck them out.

Also a portable DVD player if you have one. Maybe a new toy too.

I don't want to scare you, but we just drove overnight about a month ago and Sully cried every 3 hours during the night. We stopped a couple times, but others we just kept driving and he would calm down.

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Hmm...I would say don't sit by him because then he'll just want you to get him out of his seat. It doesn't work for us, but what does:

* portable dvd player
* snacks

Have good trip!

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We just went on a 2000 mile road trip with our DD who HATES HATES HATES the car. It can't get any worse but honestly it wasn't that bad. If he sleeps the whole way, awesome! Make plans for the possibility that he won't. Look up hotels/motels along the way but don't make reservations or anything just look for general resting points along the way that would serve as a good refuge. Driving late at night when your kid has been screaming for 4+ hours is extremely stressful and you shouldn't be making difficult decisions like Motel 6 versus Holiday Inn at that point. Not that I'm speaking from experience ;). Oh, and go check out books on tape from your local library. It makes the ride go soooo much faster!

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What Julie said Smile Also, maybe you guys could stop for dinner in a town that has a pool that's open to the public, or a nice big playground, so that LO can run around and get his wiggles out? When we visit my friend who lives 3 hs away, we always stop in this cute little town 1 1/2 hs away that has a huge, kid-friendly library. The break makes all the difference.