Vacation Photos

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Vacation Photos

Finally have a chance to share some pictures, as DH remembered to bring his laptop home from the office. I couldn't decide which to share, so I apologize for the large number!

My good sport hamming it up while we waited on her car seat to come in on a later flight

Spending time at the beach

She LOVED the sand, and only tried to eat one big mouthful.

At Brookgreen Gardens

IT was SO beautiful there... made me sad to come home to even more snow!

Having fun waiting to for clearance to take off

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Those gardens do look beautiful!!! I love her eyes, they are so blue and so pretty!! TFS!

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Aren't vacations fun? You have such a sweet family Smile glad you were able to enjoy some sun and warm weather.

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I am SO SO SO jealous! Glad that you had such a nice time! Beautiful pics! Smile

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How wonderful! I love all the warm weather pics. Cute swim suit too!

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Aww great pics! Looks like an awesome vacation! How did she do with the water? I can't wait to take Clara swimming, but I'm worried she'll be afraid of it.

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Awesome pictures!
What a fun trip! Kind of mad you didn't invite me though... lol