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Colin is finally walking!!

He took a step last week and the most we've been able to get him to do is a step a day...he would do one and then not another for at least a day. But today I got an excited text from the nanny to say he got up onto his feet all alone and took 3 steps, fell, then stood up again and took 2 more steps!

Tonight I had him taking 4-5 steps at a time. I'm so excited but so sad because he's growing up...once he starts walking he's a toddler, not a baby! ...I feel the baby bug starting to nibble!

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nibble? its more like a bite over here!!!

:jumpingbeans:YAY! His video on FB was so cute. He had a little wiggle in his step!

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WTG Colin!!! I know what you mean about being sad that they are growing up so fast. *sniff*

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Awww... big boy!
Siena just does a step here and there... so SHE'S STILL A LITTLE TINY BABY! lol