What is wrong with me?

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What is wrong with me?

I dont know if this is a first-time mom thing or what, but does anyone else get nervous about doing new things with their LOs? I am not talking BIG things, but simple little things. For example, we switched Logan to the convertible car seat a couple of weeks ago. No big deal. But now, I am so nervous to take him to the grocery store since we dont have the carrier anymore and he will have to sit in the cart! Isn't that the silliest thing? I literally sit here and think, "I need to go to the store- we are going to go today." Then put it off and off until DH comes home and can watch Logan while I go alone.

I feel like a wimp or some sort of bad mom or something? Did/does anyone else feel like this, too?

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Lol oh yes - you are not alone! I was so scared of putting Clara in the grocery cart the first time, and I definitely put it off. Thankfully, she actually really likes being upright and able to look around. I found it helpful to bring a blanket to cover the seat and squish around her sides so she doesn't tip!
I think all the little firsts can be sort of freaky - I mean, its the actual FIRST time this little person is doing *insert activity* - there's just no way to know how it will go!
I say go to the grocery store for just a few things, so if its too much you can make a quick getaway Smile Good luck!

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No, you're a FTM and totally normal! Once you do it the first time you'll be fine. With DD I remember not doing something until someone else I knew had done it - I wanted to know how they did it, what they did, etc. before I attempted on my own.

Even the second time around I'm hesitant to do things...but I chalk it up to laziness - everything seems like such an effort with 2.

Maybe the first time go with DH so that if things go wrong it's not you alone with a cart of groceries and a screaming/sideways child.

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Add me to the FTM list being nervous! I still have yet to take tommy grocery shopping! I either do it while he is napping and DH or my mom watches him while I am gone or DH goes. I havent even taken him to eat at a restaurant. he is all over the place- does not like to be contained at all, so not ready to go there yet!

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Yeah it is a FTM thing. Would putting your LO in a sling, backpack help? I do that with Bree because she stays happier longer and she always wants to mouth teh cart and that grosses me out.