Ben's Birth Story *very long & pic heavy*XP

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Ben's Birth Story *very long & pic heavy*XP

Benjamin Ryan
Born 4-9-11 at 4:08pm (38w3d) Labored 15.5 hours
7 lbs 7 oz 20.25 inches long HC 14.5
Apgar 9/9

So I had my 38 weeks appt Friday afternoon after dropping Grace off at my parents to stay the night so we could finish last minute things that weekend before baby. Here's what I posted last.

"Well I'm the same 1 cm 50% effaced but -2 this week. Even with all this swelling and headaches my BP was perfect. Will be called on Monday to schedule my induction either on the 13th or 15th. I just wonder if I'm one of the many women that won't dilated without "assistance". Well I'm off to harass DH. May be we can get something going this weekend. " LOL Boy did I ever!

After our appt DH & I went to the mall for a new Macbook charger and had an early dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Mmmm. I had the chopped salad there that I had been craving for months. After that we drove home and relaxed a bit and watched a movie. We had sex about around 10:30pm and I was feeling kinda crampy and thought may be I had to go to the bathroom. TMI Had some soft BMs and went back to lay down. The cramps turned into contractions so I put my legs up because they were a little swollen anyways and told DH. "Hmm I think I'm having real contractions." He just looked at me and said "See I told you we shouldn't have had sex." Basically he said that because he was planning out his work schedule and trying to finish projects before taking his paternity leave. Smile

So the contractions were all in my back which I've never had this pregnancy. I timed them and they were between 3 and 11 minutes apart for 30 minutes. It's now 12:30 am so I called my mom to let her know and then the Dr's office and Dr. Melendy called back . I informed her of my contractions and she said wait the full hour and see if they are all under 5 minutes then let her know and she would call L&D to let them know I was coming in. So after an hour and 15 minutes they were all around 4 minutes and a bit more intense. We ran around the house thinking of last minutes things to grab and do. Then got in the car for the 40 minute ride. Called my mom again to let her know and then left and made the call back to Dr. Melendy at 1:15am.

We got there 2:00am and went in through the ER which was totally empty and surprised me for a Friday evening/Sat morning. I got changed into a gown and hooked up to monitor my contractions and Ben's heartbeat. The nurse checked my cervix. I was still 1 cm. She said we'll stay see if labor continues or stalls out. If I dilated more they would move me to a room and start IVs because of my GBS+. I contracted 4 minutes apart until about 4 am and this would be the only time my contractions were in the front. Had more soft BMs. Then had a check and I was 2-3. Yay! Which was a good thing because the bed was horrible and DH was in a chair trying to stay away, Got in the room and IV started 4:15 am. I believe Dr. Melendy came in around 5 and spoke to me about breaking my water around 7 am and seeing if we couldn't get Ben here my noon. Smile

I tried to sleep a bit but I mostly rested until 6 am then was checked and I was still 2-3. Called my mom and MIL around 7 am and told them my water would be broken soon and didn't know how long it would be after so to head up to the hospital. MIL pissed me off because she had been called only twice. Once around 12 am and once at 4 when we got the room and knew we were staying. She said to me "Well if we miss it ..we miss it." After telling time after time to let her know what was going on. Anyways I was checked around 8 am and asked about Dr. Melendy and the nurse said she had an emergency c/s and would be in after that. I was 3 cm then. Sorta ticked off at this point with the day nurse because I had to ask for everything myself especially checks. Contractions were still bearable and 4 minutes apart. Strangely this belt monitor registered them around 20 and the first one when we came in showed 40 to 60 and they were not near as painful. I wonder if back labor doesn't show up as well when the belt is in the front. Dr. Melendy came in and broke my water at 8:30 am. Oh boy this was painfully. She had gone to stick the bag of fluid and Ben moved up and she basically had "to go get it" with a painful look on her face apologizing to me.. I kinda crawled up the bed in pain but at least it didn't last long. She left signed pitocin orders if needed.

Still at 3 cm this would be another annoying part of labor with the day nurse I had. She was waiting to change my bed and pads way too long it was cold and uncomfortable and it had to be done 5 times ..2 of which I had to use the nurse button to get her in there after 30 minutes. The night nurse was sweet enough to come say goodbye and she would see me tonight with a baby in my arms. She had stepped next to my bed and said "What's this?" to all the liquid on the floor. The bed managed to get on her right leg covered in amniotic fluid. She laughed and told the nurse to get me changed! Hello!?!?

I still labored on for awhile and had family in and out of the room and was finally 4 cm at 10 am. Contractions were starting to get pretty painful. I was thinking about my epidural at that point but wanted to get a little further along. The suites seemed busy so I ask to have the anesthesiologists come. He was there by 11 and the produce went well. I had more pressure this time around when it went in and some anxiety. He had the fetal monitor moved to my heart just to check and my heart rate was around 130. I said to him I felt light headed but I thought it was anxiety and he paused and counted to 5 then I was fine. He was really awesome about everything. He sat on the couch and made sure I was ok. After I was taped up and laying down I heard him say "oh crap!" I quickly turned around and he had opened something that burst beta-dine all over his scrubs and face. We all laughed and he said jokingly "I should walk out there and say I hit an artery" LOL So I was relaxing at this point but not sleeping. Praying I would get to 5 and get over the hump soon. Careful what you wish for. Wink Next check I was still 4 so she started pitocin at 12 pm since I had my epi and cranked it up.

At this point it had been12 hours from when I had my first contractions and they just weren't strong enough to get me dilated pass 4. I promise this story will pick up soon! Resting and chatting with family I was 5 cm by 2:30 pm and thrilled. About 20 minutes later my contractions started getting really painful but I figured it was just the dilation. An hour later I was in a lot of pain and the nurse asked if I wanted the anesthesiologist to be called and I said yes probably a good idea because I was afraid of pushing with no drugs. It was like the epi was wearing off sorta. I could feel more of my feet and some above the ankle. She checked me again only because I asked and I said I feel like I have to push. I was then 8 cm at 3:45! Woohoo! Great news and man the contractions were the worst at this point.

The nurses started getting ready and prepping and called Dr. Melendy. The nurse was already having me push with my contractions. So I did...but was concerned because the pressure was getting so intense. After 3 really hard pushes and about 10 minutes I said "He's coming!!!" Sure enough I was 10 cm and his head was right there. Dr. Melendy was called again but it went to voice mail because she was in the elevator. 3 more nurses came in gloving up and running around crazy. At this point one nurse was holding his head in and telling me to breath because I was holding my breath from the pain. I just remember looking at them all there and my DH & mom at my sides and I cried " I can't's the contractions." DH was rubbing my head and keeping me somewhat calm. The one nurse told me I could control it.....yeah right! Lol 30 secs later Ben popped out and I just remember crying from the pain, excitement and anxiety of how fast it all happened. I literally didn't push myself and he was out passed his shoulders. I just cried harder and said to the nurses "I didn't push..really!" They assured me I did great and I had a high pain tolerance. LOL I always though I was a wimp. I assumed at that point I shouldn't have been pushing so hard before a doctor was in the room. They were frantic because I know babies are not suppose to be born without a doctor in the room. Ben cried and we all hugged and I was so happy it was over! 7 lbs 7 oz 20.25 inches long and he was kicking and screaming! Dr Melendy came in and said "Great job! Only a small tear needing 2 stitches." My placenta basically delivered it's self and that was that.

My mom ran out just to get my Dad to see Ben from the hall and got to lock out door and they wouldn't let her back in. She was so upset and we all were later when we found out. But I know it was hectic and all with the nurses delivering him. They took awhile getting the fluid out and cleaning him up so I was a little worried but everything was ok. I just wanted to get him skin to skin and feed him. *Sigh* What a ride! I'm still in shock he's here and I was not induced and that he was born so quickly in the end! I'm lucky that I didn't tear much at all.

Ben is doing great at the breast but having some spit up issues at night. We bought a wedge and it's really helping. He is a bit more demanding than Grace was. It's all good because he is a snuggler and I enjoy the time with him. I know he won't be small for long. It's funny because we did have to run out and exchange some clothes for newborn sizes. I had only 5 onesies for him because I assumed I'd have him about a week later and he'd be 8 lbs. Grace worn newborn for only 6 days literally. I keep staying he is little but I have to remember 7 lb is average. Grace was just big. Smile

Ben is a little jaundice but it's not that bad. His level was 8.5 when we left the hospital. We had his first appt Wednesday. He passed his earring test in the hospital. The doctor didn't even have him pricked to check his jaundice because she said it would be peaking that day and his color was not bad at all. With the eating, pooping and peeing going well and how active he was she told me she was not concerned and to come in on Friday only if he looked worse in color. Otherwise we go back in 2 weeks. Healing and sleep for me are going much better this time around but the days are flying by. I'm grateful to my family who supported me through it all and that we have a healthy baby boy! Thanks for reading this long birth story!

Time to push! Or not!

Getting cleaned up

My moments

After eating.

Meeting Big Sister Grace.

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Sounds like a pretty good birth story! And what a little cutie! I'm so happy for you and your family Smile

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What a great birth story & Congrats again. Smile I am so happy for you guys. He is SUCH a cutie. Love the pics. Keep em coming. I love seeing squishy newborn pics.

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Glad you didn't need pitocin! Loved the pictures. Smile Who was your night nurse? I had a great night nurse for delivery, but didn't like my daytime nurse. So happy for you guys!

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Congratulations again, Beth!! He looks just perfect! And you look great too!

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congratulations Beth Smile