Birthday coming up!

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Birthday coming up!

So I haven't been on this board in a while but wanted to see what June mommies were planning for their kids birthday next month. I am still trying to figure out what to do without having to spend too much money. The last two years, I felt I spent to much on parties Jayven will not even remember.....This year I am trying to be a smart mommy and save as much as possible. What are your plans?

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I will also try to stay within a small budget. We'll have his party at home, with mostly family & some friends. I think we'll do Disney Cars as the theme. I'm not sure about food yet, but we'll have a pinata, and the water table, kiddie pool & some games to play.

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we are taking Ryan to the Columbia zoo. we dont know many people in this city so we usually take the kids somewhere for their bday, and Ryan is into animals so i know he will love the zoo! we will give him his cake and presents when we get home from the zoo.

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We're going to have his party at an indoor playground that is very clean and well maintained - targetted for kids 6 and under. It will be Thomas themed, as everything in life MUST revolve around thomas at the moment.

Im anticipating about 10-15 kids + parents.


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I am still struggling to think of something!

I was thinking of camping with close family and friends, bringing a birthday cake and balloons etc the weekend before, then the Tues which is her actual birthday, have ppl round the house including some friends from nursery. I'm just stuck with games and stuff.