Birthday parties

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Birthday parties

Have you guys planned the LOs parties yet?

Leia's is 10 weeks away and I already feel stressed out about it haha. This year, we will invite her school friends and let me tell you, I feel under pressure!

She has decided she would like it at her cousins Gymnastics Hall - it is great, they get to play on everything. Her cake is going to be Tom & Jerry lol.

I am stressing out over food, I have no clue what to make.


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I've just told Nate "no" this year. He doesn't get it. I just can't cope with all the school people, I'm not a millionaire! Maybe next year!

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We are doing our first year of just cake and ice cream. Grace wants all her friends there....from school, dance school etc. I may splurge and rent a huge water slide. She wants a Snow White theme.

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Callie is having a pool party. We are having just a few friends. There will be swimming and food. The theme is My Little Pony (again!).