Birthday Party

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Birthday Party

I didn't want to hijack Beth's awesome birthday thread! So here are some from C's party Smile

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Oh it looks like a GREAT time and she is growing more beautiful every time I see her pic!

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She really is gorgeous Lisa and has gotten so tall too!!


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She is a beautiful girl. I agree, she looks tall.

Seems like she had a great party. I LOVE her HK shirt and cake. Smile

Happy 3rd Bday Callie!!!!

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She is adorable Lisa!!! Happy belated Callie girl! Biggrin

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Looks like she had a great time! She looks mesmerized by the candle. Smile Where did you have the party?

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shes so big! and adorable!! i love the hello kitty cake and shirt! Smile my son believe it or not loves hello kitty. we took him to build a bear for his 2nd bday that was the first stuffed animal he picked! :LOL:

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Thank you! I don't think Callie's that tall, but she is super petite. I'll tell you how tall she is after her next appointment (which is Monday). She had her party at a local toddler's gym!

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Looks like so much fun!!! She looks like she was having a great time Smile Happy Birthday, Callie!!!