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checking in

Hi ladies! How is everyone? I can't believe these little guys will be turning 4 next month! Anyone have plans yet? We'll be in CA for my sister's wedding, so we'll take Thomas to Disneyland. He's really excited. Smile I'm looking forward to the summer, and being home with Thomas. We are trying for #2! Thomas has been asking for a little brother. So cute. Smile He's still really into dinosaurs & cars. We've been in the pool the last few weekends, and he wants to learn how to swim without his floaties. I guess I'll sign him up for swim lessons this summer! I'll have to come back & post a pic of Thomas & Grace. Beth invited us to Ben's 1st birthday party, and I managed to snap one pic of the two of them. She is so tall & really friendly. It was great to see them. Wink

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Hey Cath

Ooooh #2, how long have you been trying? I would love to have another but I can't see it ever being doable!

It's crazy to think I will soon have a 4 yr old, although not until July 5th. I am hiring out a double decker bus that has been transformed into a play area. It sounds strange but have heard great things about it and it parks right outside the house too. As for presents, I have not got a clue. Leia keeps asking for a swing but because the weather here is so unpredictable, I don't think she'd get much use out of it. Other than that, she's not asking for much apart from a baby sister and brother haha.

I wish we had summers like you guys in the states. It would be so much easier to plan things and knowing we would get outside a lot would be nice.


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Hey everyone!
We are keeping busy and Kade is doing well. Finally totally potty trained (ugh, it took forever!), always into trouble and sweet when he want to be Smile Little Bentli is busy keeping up with her brother and they are excellent playmates. The big kids are starting to enjoy their siblings more and we are all able to get out and about more often without too many meltdowns.
Kade's birthday party is June 2nd, and we are doing a construction theme. I will be sure to post photos! School is out mid-June and I am looking forward to having some fun with the kids!

One of my favorite things about being in Oregon now instead of the hot Arizona desert is SPRING! Here are some pics of Kade and Bentli in a local tulip field early in April and the other is with all 4 of my kids in the big fields in Woodburn (1 hr south of us).

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Nate is does nothing but whine these days. I don't know what it is. But its been nearly 3 weeks of solid whining! I'm glad I have a spa weekend booked this week just so I can get away from Mr Whinge Bag for a little while! He starts school in September, we got our first choice and I'm trying to get him excited about going. Which now that we know where he's going and that his best friend is going there too, he's starting to get on board with it all! He's having a Jake and the Neverland Pirate's themed birthday party. We've started to seriously come up with some ideas and plan a bit today. I took Nate for an eye test a few weeks ago and it turns out he needs glasses. So we are just waiting for an appointment at the hospital before he gets them. We go next week. Alice copies everything Nate does like a little lemming. And she can talk a whole lot better and more than he did at this age. Anyway, nothing else exciting is going on here.

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Hi everyone Smile

Things here are going pretty well. We're planning Callie's birthday party at a local gym for kids. She chose it because they have a 'bouncy house' that she loves. She'll be getting a bike with training wheels and a bunch of my little pony stuff. She's totally into that right now!

Conor is growing bigger every day. It makes me sad to think that he's probably my last baby, so I'm trying to enjoy every moment. Good to hear from you all!!

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Great hearing updates from you all!

Cathy, how fun that you got to attend Ben's 1st birthday! You'll need to post that picture! When are you going to Disneyland? We are going in a few weeks and we are looking forward to it!

Kristi, we have gym bus out here that the kids love! I bet her bday party will be a blast for all of the little kids!

Beth, your pictures are amazing as always! The kids look great! You'll have to share bday party pics!

Like Nate, we're having a pirate themed bday party! I just ordered a bunch of stuff as this is his first "friend party"! He can't wait.

And like those of you with younger ones, my little T is copying everything J is doing... he looks up to him so much and J just adores him. It's wonderful. I agree, with you, Lisa, that we need to enjoy every moment. They are growing up way too fast IMO!

We don't have any major plans this summer. We will be going to Disney again and we are going to go back to Legoland. I think we will mostly stay local and spend some time at the beach.

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Here are some pics for you, sorry I didn't post them earlier!

Callie doing one of her favorite things ever!

Cutie pie face

The kids together at the duck pond

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Hey ladies! I cannot believe its going on 4 years! Insane!

Good to hear that everyone is doing so well.

Alicia is wonderful. She is SO excited for her birthday. She's never been excited before so I'm enjoying that. She wants a princess party. She is getting a two wheel bike and a bouncy house. She's asked for a castle and a bouncy house is what I think she actually means. I hope so anyhow. She is still in speech therapy but is doing SO much better. I can acutally understand most of what she says. She is still working on g and k sounds and helping verbs like "is" but otherwise she is intelligible to others most of the time. DJ is a little stinker! He's very mechanically minded and has been capable of using a screwdriver for several months now. YIKES! He is very advanced in his language and communication too. He's more ready for kindergarten in September than she is. They are both going to a pre-school program here and loving it. We are hoping to become foster parents over the summer, so my family may be growing again Smile


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Sounds like everyone is doing well! We're great. Esther turns 1 this week, and Ava knows hers will be shortly after, so she's very excited. She's been in preschool since Sept and LOVES it. She has a ton of little friends, and is always at birthday parties or play dates. Her social life is much more active than mine Wink She's also just started a tap dancing class which she is wild about. She is such a funny kid, and bright as anything. She blew me away the other day when I was telling her about something that will be happening monday and she said "Is today thursday, mummy? So it will be in 4 more sleeps?" I had to stop and count on my fingers! Uh yeah...4 more sleeps, clever clogs.