Christmas gifts

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Christmas gifts

So, what is Santa bringing your LOs this year? Wink


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I think Mickie will get a big play tent to keep in the playroom...a place that is just for her, and her brother cannot go into.

Matthew on the otherhand...probably his very own beanbag chair. He's tired of sharing Mickie's pink one!

I haven't really given it much thought yet...

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Alice is getting a doll house (little people one,) a doll and pushchair, plus various other things I can't remember, and I really want to get her a scuttlebug.
Nate is getting a cash register, a rocket play set, the Hippobus from Jungle Junction and I want to get him most of the things he asked for in his letter to Father Christmas (because its his first letter and it was so cute!!!) He wants 4 cars, a red one, blue one, green one, and a yellow one. A penguin book, More play-dough, a purple crayon, and a bunny. Don't think he's getting a bunny, but I can manage the rest!

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The scuttlebugs are great! Although they are a bit on the low side.... however we brough it camping with us in the summer and it was a huge hit with all the kids, even the 10 yr old haha.

Leia has asked for 4 dolls and 5 prams, don't think we'd have enough room for that many! haha. I have bought her 2 dolls, a girl and a boy and a doll set ie pram, high chair and bouncer which I know she will LOVE. She also wants a walking dog on a lead, but they're pretty expensive the more decent ones! She also wants new books and lots of play-doh and lego. DBF has bought her a bike and helmet.... she will love Christmas!


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I'm not sure yet!! We have a handful of "smaller" gift items, but I am still trying to figure out the big gift for each of the boys.

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I'm still not 100% sure! I have a lot of ideas, as does she Wink

She will be getting a lot of books (I hit a HUGE book sale and made out like a bandit!), some art stuff, and a stuffed otter (which she's asking santa for). She'd also like panties and socks (she's convinced Santa brings theses, haha), oh, and PJs. I might get her some new stuff for her doll house. I have no idea what her 'big' present is going to be yet.

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Very little this year! DH and I agreed our trip to Egypt this month was a main gift for all of us, and we are going to Canada for Christmas, so any gifts will have to be small and portable. So far Ava's getting a Woody (from Toy Story) doll, a remote controlled Cars 2 car, some books and games. Esther is getting a some baby blocks, activity books and a Laugh and Learn puppy.