First day of pre-school *tear*

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First day of pre-school *tear*

I dropped her off an hour ago, think I was more nervous than her! LOL.

Here's a couple of pictures, before she'd let me do her hair! haha.


In her full uniform Smile


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Awww, I love the little uniform! Hope she has a great first day!
They don't have them at Nate's school.

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She looks so cute! I love the uniform.. it looks like it'd be easy to clean (always important). Hope she had a great day!

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Awww... so cute! Love her hair, even if she hadn't let you do it yet LOL

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Posts: 631 grown up! Hope she has a blast her first day. TFS Biggrin

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What a pretty girl! Hope she had a good day!


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Omgoodness! She is just precious! I hope the day went well for her (and you!).

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She looks so happy ! I love the uniform- Thomas just wears play clothes. Very cute!!!

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Thanks ladies!

She's onto her 2nd week and she is LOVING it. I am so happy Smile