Grace's 3rd Birthday xp

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Grace's 3rd Birthday xp

Sorry I'm just getting these up! It's been crazy for us the last 4 weeks with 3 birthdays, (Mine,DH & Grace's) trip to the FL keys for July 4th and Grace's dance and art classes weekly. She had a great birthday. I just made the cake and fish cupcakes to go with her Ariel them. Presents were cut back this year per my request because she already has so much. Daddy took her to see Cars 2 on her birthday and she loved it! Grace is such a little person now. She is better at listening and the "terrible twos" are not gone but much better. I've been keeping her busy and that really helps keep her out of trouble. We said goodbye to diapers a week before her birthday and she has done fantastic even at night! She loves Ben and is a great help with him. Here's a few pics of her party and her little bro. Smile

Grace with her cousin Isabelle

Ben with his Great Great Oma who is 93!

Thanks for looking! Smile

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Love the pics! She's getting so big Smile

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She's a little cutie!

Looks like she had a great day Smile

Ben looks soooo like you!


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What a pretty birthday girl! Great pics! Looks like she had a great time

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Great pics and a fun party!

Grace is gorgeous and Ben is getting so big too...

We are planning a Mickey/Minnie Mouse birthday party for Bentli's 2nd and I thought of you Smile We are also going to swing by Disneyland for a day on our way up to Oregon during our big move in a couple of weeks. It will be Kade and Bentli's first trip!!!

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Great pictures! Grace looks so happy!!! TFS Smile

Beth, good luck with your move! Your little ones will love Disneyland. My boys have already been there a handful of times and they both love it!!