growing pains?

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growing pains?

Does any of your lo's have really bad growing pains in their legs? Olivia has been waking up in the middle of the night saying her leggies hurt...I f it happens during the day, I have her take a really hot bath...that's what I remember doing when I was any of your lo's go through this? What do you do?

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I haven't had this happen with any of my kids, but I remember experiencing it as a child. Some people think it can be affected by diet... My mom always changed up the foods I ate when I was having them

I hope she outgrows it soon!

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Nate has been waking up the last few weeks (occasionally) crying that his legs or knee hurts. I just cuddle him and try to calm him down while rubbing his leg or knee until he's ready to go back to sleep. Its interesting about the nutrition article. He eats loads of fruit, veg, and dairy, but is lacking on the protein front!

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Ava hasn't had them, poor Olivia, sounds miserable.

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J doesn't have them. I hope Olivia and Nate feel better soon!

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Sometimes Callie will complain that her knees hurt.. but I usually just rub them til she stops complaining and runs off to play again.

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There's another phenomenon where different parts of the body may grow at slightly different rates than other parts (Osgood-Schlatter disease I believe). I dealt with it on a small scale while a friend of mine had the range of motion in her legs severely effected for the better part of the year in high school from it. It was explained to me at the time that my bones were slightly ahead of my muscles in a growth spurt which can cause stress and pain on the joints, especially for active kids. I think it generally effects older kids (like upper elementary+) that are in sports which involve a lot of running/jumping. The "cure" is pretty much to treat the symptoms (RICE), take an anti-inflammatory, and wait out the growth spurt.

I have heard for muscle aches and pains upping potassium generally helps. I know if I got charlie horses in my legs as a youngster my mom fed me more bananas.

So far none of my girls seems to have growing pains that bother them enough to ask me about it. I hope your kiddos feel better soon.

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Oh yea! We get this every so often (just the other night in fact) and being a worry wart at first I thought the worst! I just give her meds and a cuddle and she will drift off back to sleep and be fine the next day.